About Us

We developed Agatha Labs out of a desire to provide our people, clients and patients with safe medical tests and tests with the fastest possible results. The current context has motivated us to come up with solutions in the shortest possible time, because we know that every second counts.

Agatha Labs is an aggregator of medical services: medical tests and analyzes. We connect online, quickly and securely, between clients and medical providers of medical analysis tests. We offer access to the services with the best rates and the fastest results.

We understand how important it is to be able to give people certainty and, last but not least, support and confidence that everything will be fine and that patients' health will evolve in a positive way. We need great security, clarity and especially empathy, and we offer them all with pleasure.

Health, our most precious weapon

Agatha Labs offers clients access to professional medical tests and analyzes, performed in authorized partner clinics and laboratories.


All partner clinics and laboratories are authorized and can be found on the official list published by the Ministry of Health!

We guarantee online access to tests and analyzes with the fastest results.

We understand the importance of maintaining a correct relationship between the quality of services and price - that's why we search, select and present the most advantageous offers for our clients - those who will become patients of partner clinics.

Together with our partners, we offer advice, advice, solutions and answers to questions and situations that concern them in terms of health, tests and medical tests they need.

We facilitate communication and access

We are aware of the importance of a response as soon as possible and we assume the responsibility to create the shortest connections between patients and our partner clinics, respectively laboratories that perform tests and analyzes.

We started with SARS-VOC-2 virus testing. We will continue with an increasingly diverse series of tests and analyzes sought by you, our customers.

Online scheduling and payment with fast results.

How does programming and testing work?

Step 1: Choose the test or analysis for which you want programming

Step 2: Select the area where you want to harvest / test (maybe depending on your address)

Step 3: Schedule online and you can pay online or at the clinic.

Step 4: You will receive two emails: one with a UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION CODE with which you will present yourself at the partner clinic and the second where you will receive the exact location of the point (clinic or laboratory) of collection and testing.

The medical staff of the partner clinics and laboratories will be prepared to take over the patients and guarantee you safe and fast results.

AgathaLabs is supported by the College of Patients.