Real Time PCR Covid-19 with result in 12h

245,00 lei 340,00 lei

The result is guaranteed on the same day as the test.
However, the 12 hours cannot be calculated from the time of sampling. But from the time the samples arrive at the lab.
So: the result is guaranteed on the same day, usually until 22:00. There are results ready at 18:00 and 20:00 but also at 22:00 on the day of harvesting and testing.
Now and in the THE CITY YOUR!
tESTING in the Bucharest (6 locations), Cluj, Timiettime.

is the reference test for the specific diagnosis of COVID-19, known as SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA.

Samples collected
arenasopharyngeal and pharyngeal exudate , and a positive result indicates the presence in the analyzed sample of SARS-COV-2 RNA, being suggestive for the diagnosis of COVID-19.

Harvest conditions OR How I prepare before the test?
For pharyngeal exudate, the patient should take into account that the sample should be taken either before the toilet or ingestion of food or liquids, or 4 hours after.

The cost of a Real Time PCR test withresults in 12 hours It isnow reduced to 245 lei instead of340 lei.  – the fastest results.

Careful: If you do not arrive at the clinic by 12:00 or 13:00 at noon, you will receive the results the next day, within a maximum of 24 hours of taking the samples.
The results will be ready on the evening of the test day . The time depends on when the annotated samples arrive in the laboratory and when they are validated by the laboratory doctor. The results may be ready from 18:00 to 19:00 but may be delayed until (rarely aftercomplicated) 22:00 of the day of harvesting / testing.
If you do NOT need results on the same day, we recommend the optionTEastern RT PCR with results within 24 hours – at an excellent price of ONLY 195 RON.

WHERE you take the test:
The test will be performed in one of the partner clinics & laboratories.
Please choose the area & timeetul.
Choose the date, day and time you want to take the test and complete the online appointment!
The exact test location will be communicated to you by e-mail after completing the order, taking into account the selected area or city.
TESTS will be performed only in clinics and laboratories authorized and accredited, in the official list communicated by the Ministry of Health:

Harvesting program : Depending on the location chosenă - the indicative program isMonday-Friday between 08: 00-13: 00 - CHECK availability depending on the city and the chosen location!

For afternoon testing , choose the optionThe cheapest PCR test with results the next day!

For Weaving on Weekends - for now only in BUCHAREST:
& gt; & gt; access this Offer:
RT PCR test Saturday and Sunday, in

How to pay:
Choose the desired test,you pay ONLINE and you will receive an emailUnique identification code with which you present yourself at the chosen clinic.

You can also choose to pay at the clinic. But you must complete the reservation on the site in order to receiveUNIQUE IDENTIFICATION CODE to show up at the clinic.

release Results also in English (for travel and international recognition) - ask and confirm at the reception, at the test collection point, that you will receive the result in English!

The result is received by e-mail.
It can also be viewed online on the clinic's website!
And can be requested and picked up in print and from collection centers & clinics (during working hours)
CAREFUL: it is recommended to ask the reception staff for more information & details!
CAREFUL:In some time intervals it is possible to be crowded in some clinics. (There are also patients who arrive for other tests and analyzes, at the same time at the reception). We apologize if you have to wait a few minutes and vcomplicated Thank you for understanding. Colleagues at the reception follow the procedures and will do everything they can to pick you up as soon as possible)!
IMPORTANT: We try to respect onHow possible scheduled time slots,but When & dfa -in-a certain momentof of the day (of thoseMay many orto received hour morning e.g) -it found more personsin the same time in the locationfor testing, sewill form inevitably a "pigtail"and will yoube picked up in order of arrival,being probable need to waitsome minutes. We apologiseand will thank you forunderstanding.

If you place an order on the site = multi-person scheduling , please enter in the comment / mentions, before the order is completed, and the NAMES of those who are being tested with you. online order.

You will be picked up in order, you will probably need to wait one after the other . And each person tested will need to identify themselves at the point of collection. 
Daciancomplicated    tntarziaYou don't need tocomplicatedsoundsyou. Vebe taken overand   tin the order of arrival.