Cheapest PCR Covid-19 test with result in 24h

175,00 lei 280,00 lei

Description The reference test for the specific diagnosis of COVID-19, known as SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA, uses the Real Time PCR (RT-PCR) method by detecting the virus by amplifying viral genetic material.

Samples collected
are nasopharyngeal and pharyngeal exudate, and a positive result indicates the presence in the analyzed sample of SARS-COV-2 RNA, being suggestive for the diagnosis of COVID-19.

Harvest conditions OR How do I prepare before the test?
For pharyngeal exudate, the patient should take into account that the sample should be taken either before the toilet or ingestion of food or liquids, or 4 hours after.

The cost of a Real Time PCR test with results in 24 hours is of 280 lei.  - probably the best price. You will receive the results within 24 hours, the day after the samples are collected.

Careful: You may receive results faster but - tn general respectcomplicatedm deadline of 24 hours. 
!! For the point of harvest from BACAU the results come the next day (can tsometimes delayed until the end of the program the next day - so maximum 30 hours after harvest) !! 

If you need results on the same day, we recommend the option RT PCR test with results in 12 hours

WHERE you take the test:
The test will be performed in one of the partner clinics.
Please choose the area that is convenient for you.
The test location will be communicated to you by e-mail after completing the order, taking into account the chosen area.

How to pay:
Choose the desired test, you pay ONLINE and you will receive an email Unique identification code with which you present yourself at the chosen clinic.

You can also choose to pay at the clinic. But you need to complete the reservation on the site in order to receive the UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION CODE to show up at the clinic.  

release Results and in English (for travel and international recognition)