Weekend PCR TEST (Saturday & Sunday) - in Bucharest

195,00 lei 280,00 lei

Result offered in the same day with the testing (in COLENTINA!) or 2nd day after the testing (in VICTORIEI, PROMENADA or OBOR) - Saturday & Sunday in Bucharest for just 195 lei

If you need the RT PCR test to travel, you need a negative test result with the sample taken and the test performed a maximum of 72 hours before the trip. Or even 48 hours before.

The Result generates the EUROPEAN GREEN CERTIFICATE.

If you are leaving the country on Monday or Sunday, you need to take the RT PCR SARS COV 2 / COVID 19 / CORONAVIRUS test

Saturday or Sunday - now possible!

Testing on Saturday in 4 locations in Bucharest: Piata Victoriei, Mall Promenada, Colentina and Obor.

Testing on Sunday, only in Colentina with the same result on the day .. at Obor or Promenada.

The results are offered in English as well, under the conditions required for travel abroad, complying international standards.


Friday, December 24th or 31st, Saturday, December 25th or January 1st, and Sunday, December 26th, 2021, or January 2, 2022.

only in BUCHAREST, by appointment.

And the price is important as well. In order to minimize the extra cost imposed by the obligation of this test, we offer you the LOWEST PRICE today:

only 220 in Colentina, with results on the same day!

or only 195 lei for RT PCR testing on weekends. Victoriei, Promenada or Obor.

PCR test on Saturday or PCR test on Sunday, results on the same day as the test (in Colentina or Obor) - on weekends!

The RT PCR TEST is the reference TEST for COVID-19 diagnosis

With an accuracy rate close to 100% it has the Major ADVANTAGE that it's result is accepted and valid anywhere in the world.

The results provided by Agatha Labs partner clinics and laboratories have been accepted at any airport and at any customs point.

Attention: minors must be accompanied by an adult (an adult = anyone over 18 years old) for any medical act = for any medical test or analysis (including for covid tests - fast or pcr)

!! Attention: for the price of only 195 or 220 lei per RT PCR test, it is absolutely necessary to schedule through AgathaLabs.ro ONLINE, here on the site !!



Weekend appointments - Saturday and Sunday are made for the RT PCR TEST collected at the Harvest points:





Only after Online booking here on AgathaLabs.ro!

HARVESTING / TESTING SCHEDULE Saturday and Sunday (weekend):

Harvesting / Testing will be done on Saturday and Sunday - according to the schedule available in the Harvest Point of your choice (Rate valid only after online scheduling here. On the site)


The results will be validated and emailed to patients

 >> on the day of testing for 220 lei per test - at Colentina or Tunic BioLab Obor.

>> the next day after testing for 195 lei per test - at Victoriei (Central) for testing only on Saturday or Promenada, both Saturday and Sunday.


Patients will receive the result:

  1. on mail. On the email address left at the clinic at the time of collection.

STANDARD RESULT is printed and validated in Romanian, but can be requested and released upon request in English as well!

The STANDARD RESULT is printed and validated in Romanian with the key terms translated into English - and the results provided are undoubtedly valid and accepted for international travel. Accepted results at any airport or at any border point.

The samples collected are nasopharyngeal and pharyngeal exudate, and a positive result indicates the presence in the analyzed sample of SARS-COV-2 RNA, being suggestive for the diagnosis of COVID-19.

Harvest conditions OR How do I prepare before the test?

For pharyngeal exudate, the patient should take into account that the sample should be taken either before the toilet or ingestion of food or liquids, or 4 hours after.


You can also schedule for QUICK ANTIGEN TESTING on weekends:

With Officially validated and officially validated Analysis Bulletin Result:


- valid for international travel

- valid for sports competitions.

- TESTING including WEEKEND:

in Bucharest, Cluj, Suceava, Vatra Dornei, Bistrita and Campulung Moldovenesc:


How you pay:

You make an ONLINE appointment on AgathaLabs.ro and

- you pay ONLINE


you pay at the point of collection - at the clinic.

But you must complete the reservation on the site, in order to receive the UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION CODE with which to present yourself at the clinic.


I can pay online on the site


can pay at the clinic (at the point of collection!) - CASH (or card)